The 7 Novelties We Have Introduced In 2020

We are honored that our STEMI communication technology has been used in most Slovak hospitals and emergency medical services (EMS) for 4 years. More than 800 remote consultations between EMS and specialists in hospital centers take place monthly via the STEMI platform. Throughout the period, STEMI has been used on more than 20,000 ambulance drives and has really helped to reduce unnecessary time lost in cases of heart attack and stroke. In 2020, we also recorded the first benefits of using STEMI in acute injuries.

While digitization is mostly in the talking stage in Slovakia, STEMI basically digitized the entire early management system of the most important emergencies. Of course, we are constantly trying to improve our product, so we have recently added other useful tools and functions. Let us give you a small overview...


1 Earlier this year, though not in our planned backlog, we‘ve introduced the so-called "COVID function", which enabled EMS crews to provide hospital staff with timely information on the arrival of a patient at increased risk of COVID-19 infection. In this way, we protect doctors, nurses and other medical staff fighting in the front line of a pandemic and help maintain the continuous and safe provision of medical care to those who urgently need it.


2 Another interesting feature is the so-called "Hospital Dashboard" thanks to which it is possible to use the application not only on a mobile phone, but also on a computer. Hospital staff is no longer dependent on information received on the main "hotline" phone which is usually in responsibility of a particular attending physician. Thanks to the Dashboard, the staff has now permanent access to new information about the arriving case, its seriousness, the status of consultation with the emergency medical services, the position of the ambulance on the map, etc.


3 The aim of the STEMI communication platform is not only to enable fast, direct and reliable communication between paramedics in the field and doctors in hospitals, but also to participate actively in improving the quality of acute healthcare by consolidating and evaluating data obtained through the use of the STEMI platform. For this purpose, a "Central Monitoring Dashboard" was developed, which enables the online supervision of communication between specialized hospitals and ambulances in the field, seeing a continuously updated overview of the operational status of individual workplaces, availability and functionality of CT devices and heliports, treatment intervals, periodic statistical and analytical outputs, and many others. The major benefiters of the tool are healthcare management bodies in the region such as the Ministry of health, Dispatch centers or Health insurance companies.


4 The work of doctors, paramedics, and hospital staff is very stressful and hectic. Therefore, we tried to meet the needs of the users of the application by adding the "Multihotline" function. Thanks to Multihotline, the hand over of an “on-call service“ takes place online, i.e. without the need for a physical meeting of doctors. Multihotline is set up to provide 100% support for EMS, without the possibility of human misunderstandings and mistakes. This increases the efficiency, speed of organization, but also the comfort of the doctor in duty. Thus the doctor can even take over the service and help with consultations directly from home.


5 Employees of Neurointervention or CathLab departments experience the same scenario on a daily basis - it is necessary to call the entire emergency team for the upcoming case. Until now, in many cases, the nurse used to call all the members of the team using a mobile phone according to a schedule of services on the notice board. In reality, such a summoning could last even 10-15 minutes, which is too much in case of a patient's life being endangered. Therefore, we have implemented a new function called "Team activation" in our application. Thanks to this function, it is possible to contact the whole team at once via the “one click“ button, provide them with neccessary information about the patient and request them to be present for the medical intervention on the exact time. Patient gains the saved minutes.


6 We also added the "Ambulance Routing" function, thanks to which the specialized centers consulting emergency crew find out whether the ambulance is actually heading for their workplace, or if the destination of the transport has meantime changed.


7 Last but not least, in addition to the Android version, the STEMI version for the iOS operating system has been available since summer 2020. We managed to break down another obstacle and get closer to the users who prefer the popular and widely used iPhone.


Over the past few years, STEMI has been able to prove its agility and customer centricity. And we want to remain flexible at the customer disposal. If you are a representative of a hospital, EMS company or regional healthcare management system and STEMI communication technology made you interested, please write to us at We’ll be happy to give you a free demonstration!